Ravensdale Poll herefords aim is simple - to be a leading seed stock producer focusing on commercially important traits, producing fit and fertile bulls with growth and finishing ability.


With a registered herd of over 350 breeding females and around 150 heifer calves annually vying for a place in our herd. There is alot of pressure on females to perform and remain in the herd or for heifers to be selected to come into the herd.


Wodonga National Show & Sale lot videos – 2019

Animal ID Name Sale Lot No. Comment
RHXN014 Ravensdale Hotwire N014 121 EBV Link
RHXN018 Ravensdale Trojan N018 151 EBV Link
RHXN023 Ravensdale Rampage N023 120 EBV Link
RHXN035 Ravensdale Anzac N035 117 EBV Link
RHXN048 Ravensdale Explorer N048 111 EBV Link
RHXN065 Ravensdale Young Gun N065 108 EBV Link
RHXN072 Ravensdale Gangster N072 105 EBV Link
RHXN080 Ravensdale Spark N080 102 EBV Link
RHXN081 Ravensdale Blackhawk N081 101 EBV Link
RHXN097 Ravensdale Lightning N097 137 EBV Link
RHXN106 Ravensdale Hammer N106 92 EBV Link
RHXN135 Ravensdale Tornado N135 43 EBV Link
RHXN171 Ravensdale Asteroid N171 41 EBV Link
RHXN179 Ravensdale Hurricane N179 40 EBV Link
RHXN180 Ravensdale Gunslinger N180 65 EBV Link
RHXN200 Ravensdale Bushranger N200 38 EBV Link
RHXN301 Ravensdale Rocket N301 29 EBV Link