Ravensdale Poll herefords aim is simple - to be a leading seed stock producer focusing on commercially important traits, producing fit and fertile bulls with growth and finishing ability.


With a registered herd of over 350 breeding females and around 150 heifer calves annually vying for a place in our herd. There is alot of pressure on females to perform and remain in the herd or for heifers to be selected to come into the herd.


2016 Sale Archive

2016 Beef Week Field Days

At the 2016 Beef week bulls will be on display for sale by the following sires:

Valma Magnum – VALB45

Mawarra Inxs – HRPE271

Allendale Waterhouse – AEDD1

Mevuille Excel – MHPE443

McCoy Renaissance – ZTM53WCHR

Okawa Commodore – OKA020076NZHB

Mawarra Trail Blazer – HRPB020

Days Calibre G74 (P) – DAYG74

Remitall West Game Day – OSA2955010CHR

Also on display will be our Wodonga and Dubbo Sale team.

2016 Bull Sale Preview

Past Experienced Success

Ravensdale has in the past experienced success in the show ring most recently being awarded the 2014 Dubbo Grand Champion with Ravensdale Elliott who later sold to Sevenbardot Poll Herefords and won the silver medal in the Global Hereford Challenge.

‘The show scene has been a valuable launching pad to get exposure for our herd and has taught me a lot phenotypically about the style of animals I want to breed. The focus in the future will be on property sales but I believe there will continue to be a market for my top end performance and phenotype animals through the national sales’.

Ravensdale Elliot – Dubbo Grand Champion 2014

2016 Sale Lots

Lot 11 EBV Link




RHXK402 EBV Link

RHXK402 EBV Link

RHXK406 EBV Link

RHXK406 EBV Link

RHXK409 EBV Link

RHXK409 EBV Link

RHXK417  EBV Link

RHXK417 EBV Link

RHXK418 EBV Link

RHXK418 EBV Link

RHXK410 EBV Link

RHXK410 EBV Link

RHXK420 EBV Link

RHXK420 EBV Link

RHXK421 EBV Link

RHXK421 EBV Link

RHXK422 EBV Link

RHXK422 EBV Link

RHXK425 EBV Link

RHXK425 EBV Link

RHXK428 EBV Link

RHXK428 EBV Link

RHXK481 EBV Link

RHXK481 EBV Link

RHXK433 EBV Link

RHXK433 EBV Link

RHXK434 EBV Link

RHXK434 EBV Link

RHXK435 EBV Link

RHXK435 EBV Link

RHXK436 EBV Link

RHXK436 EBV Link

RHXK437 EBV Link

RHXK437 EBV Link

RHXK440 EBV Link

RHXK440 EBV Link

RHXK450 EBV Link

RHXK450 EBV Link

RHXK454 EBV Link

RHXK454 EBV Link

RHXK455 EBV Link

RHXK455 EBV Link

RHXK459 EBV Link

RHXK459 EBV Link

RHXK461 EBV Link

RHXK461 EBV Link

RHXK462 EBV Link

RHXK462 EBV Link

RHXK463 EBV Link

RHXK463 EBV Link

RHXK464 EBV Link

RHXK464 EBV Link

RHXK466 EBV Link

RHXK466 EBV Link

RHXK468 EBV Link

RHXK468 EBV Link

RHXK469 EBV Link

RHXK469 EBV Link

RHXK470 EBV Link

RHXK470 EBV Link

RHXK473 EBV Link

RHXK473 EBV Link

RHXK477 EBV Link

RHXK477 EBV Link

RHXK479 EBV Link

RHXK479 EBV Link

RHXK480 EBV Link

RHXK480 EBV Link

RHXK483 EBV Link

RHXK483 EBV Link

RHXK484 EBV Link

RHXK484 EBV Link

RHXK486 EBV Link

RHXK486 EBV Link

RHXK488 EBV Link

RHXK488 EBV Link

RHXK489 EBV Link

RHXK489 EBV Link

RHXK494 EBV Link

RHXK494 EBV Link

RHXK495 EBV Link

RHXK495 EBV Link

RHXK479 EBV Link

RHXK497 EBV Link


RHXK458 EBV Link

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